The ultimate DeFi trading
terminal built on Ethereum

Take control and manage your Ethereum wallet all from one place. Lend and borrow, swap tokens with limit orders, and monitor your liquidity pool positions all in one screen.

Limit Ordering

Automate your ERC20 tokens with limit orders that trigger across any liquidity source in the DeFi space.

Simple Management

Manage your DeFi positions such as Liquidity pool tokens, tokensets, or even lend and borrow from one dashboard.

Unified Liquidity

Draw liquidity from multiple sources such as Uniswap, 1inch, or balancer. Providing minimal slippage and fast execution.

What is the UniDex Token for?

Once sufficent trading activity is met, UniDex will have its own liquidity pool so and offer a competitive swap fee based on how many UNIDX tokens users hold. Voting rights and general governance will also be used with the UNIDX token, and a percentage of the fees collected by the exchange will be burned and paid back to the users in Ethereum.

Competitive Fee

Offer a better fee than current solutions that charge 0.3% ( Uniswap ). Fees will get lower as users trade more or hold more tokens.

Profit Share

A percentage ( based on acitivity ) of UNIDX tokens will be burned based on the total fees collected and paid back in ETH to holders.


Users will be able to make proposals and vote on them. Built by traders and for traders, the community will decide whats important to them.

Token Information

Total Supply: 4m | Circulating Supply: ~2.8m

OTC Presale

Now in circulation.


Liquidity Pool Lock

Locked using for 3 months until on the UniDex pool.


Dev Team Fund

In order for the project to prosper


Marketing, Partnerships, and Listings

locked with a monthly allowance by the contract creator with


Contract Address


Frequently Asked Questions

While all the information may not be here, please do check out our communication channels on Discord™️ and Telegram™️ for more infomation found at the header at the bottom of the webpage.

Is the UNIDX token required to use UniDex and its features?
No, the features will be available to everyone. You will only need UNIDX tokens to generate trading fee income or vote on exchange proposals.
Does the token have a mint function?
NO! The UniDex token is desgined to be deflationary and no new tokens can ever be created.
Is it possible the UniDex team can rugpull?
No, The intial liquidity generated from the presale will be locked for 3 months. Once enough trades are done on UniDex we can start our own liquidity pool to offer a discounted swap rate compared to uniswap and move the liquidity to the UniDex pool where it will be locked for a year. The dev teams holdings are locked with a monthly withdraw allowance so we are unable to dilute the pool as we own less than 2% of tokens at a given time.
Is the team anonymous?
The founder of UniDex is not anonymous. Check our communication channels such as discord to talk with the founder or information channels that link to the founders personal Twitter accounts or LinkedIn. The rest of the team may choose to remain anonymous or not as its not up to us to reveal their indentity, however majority of the UniDex team is public and not anonymous.
Is UniDex really able to swap from any liquidity source?
Any DeFi connected LP can be taken advantage of for slippage on UniDex. This means placing a limit buy for example on ETH/DAI 10% above the market price. The first liquidity source such as uniswap, kyber, balancer. or 1inch to name a few will fill the order. Unlike other competitors, UniDex supports multiple and many more to come liquidity sources for minimal slippage.